You are currently viewing Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One is Best to Increase Your Business

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One is Best to Increase Your Business

Whether you are brand new to advertising on social media or you’re looking to make a change, understanding the differences between Google ads vs Facebook ads is important. The main difference between these two sites is how they show ads to consumers. Facebook shows ads to users based on their interests. While Google shows relevant ads to those who are specifically searching for a product.

Facebook has gotten very famous, very much like Google. The two sites are hence great places to promote or advertise your business. Because there is a large number of people who visit those sites. Both have advertising programs. Both advertising programs allow you to focus on your Ads to display in your choice of geographic area.

Google ads vs Facebook ads

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads

You can show your Ads just in your city, your state, the whole country or world, or inside a range of a location. Google has AdWords which includes both Pay per Click and Pay per Impression options as does Facebook. With Google, you can advertise on their search sites which include as well as and other search engines. You can also advertise on the Google Display Network (previously called the Content Network).

The Display Network consists of thousands of sites that have integrated Google ads through the Google AdSense program. With Facebook, you can decide to Pay per Click or Pay per Impression. Anyway, there is no search network based on Facebook in conditions of advertising.

Advertising on Facebook is also similar to advertising on the Google Display Network. A typical question is “Which is better, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?” There is no yes or no solution to this question. It depends upon what is advertising. Put yourself in the place of the client’s position. What’s going on with the client?

The user on Google search sites is looking for something of course. The search question tells something about knowing the user doing or searching for at that moment, but nothing concerning who the user is. Less is had some significant awareness of the intent of the user on Facebook. In any case, the user on Facebook has a profile that includes the user’s gender, roughage, likes, interests, hobbies, etc.

Google ads vs Facebook ads

Why Google or Facebook?

This is very strong and powerful information. As an advertiser on Facebook, you can focus on your ads to show to a subset of Facebook users based on profile parameters that you indicate while setting up your ads. For example, when you are advertising ladies’ shoes you can focus on your Ads to show just to ladies in the age bunch 18-55. Who has indicated “clothing” or “shoes” as their interests? So you are focusing on your ads to the segment that is probably going to purchase your item or service.

With Google AdWords, you don’t have this capability, particularly when utilizing just the Google search sites option. In any case, with the Google display network, your Ads will be shown on sites that are related to what you are advertising. So it might be said you are focusing on users based on what their segment is, you simply don’t know generally what that segment is.

A lady who is 18 years of age might be taking a gander at a fishing site and your Google ad that advertises men’s sunglasses might be appearing on that site in which case you are not getting the most reliable target for your Ad. When choosing Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising always think about the user.

Put yourself in place of the user’s perspective, what is the user doing, and what is the mood of the user’s mind. Users don’t go to Facebook hoping to purchase a product or service. Users go to Facebook to network and communicate with friends to track down new friends, to be engaged, etc.

Google ads vs Facebook ads

Benefits of Google Ads or Facebook Ads

Users on Google search sites are searching for something and you frequently have a ton of experience with what they are searching for based on their search inquiry. People are most likely in all the more of a purchasing mode when they are on rather than when they are on Facebook. On Facebook and the Google display network, you depend more upon motivation buyers to sell your product or service. Selling on Facebook depends upon you getting or reminding the user (expected buyer) that they need or want your product or service. This is also evident on the Google Display Network.

With Google Search sites you are placing your product or service in front of users who are searching for your product or service (accepting you set up your advertising campaign accurately). This is a big difference and you should always know about it.

Facebook Ads – Sell fun things or brand your product or business. Sell things that people did not consider until they saw your Ad. Google Ads on Search Sites – Sell what people are looking for. People are telling you what they are searching for through their search query. So get in front of them so they can find you. Google Ads on Google Display Network – Similar to Facebook Ads simply a different strategy. Sell fun things or brand your product or business.


Your Ads will show on different sites that are related to your Ad (based on the keywords you select and the content of your Ad). You can also indicate sites that you would like your ads to show on. These Ads can be text, animated flash, image, video, etc.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the difference between Google ads vs Facebook ads. It’s important to make sure you’re utilizing the right platform for your business. There are plenty of benefits to both platforms. So think and decide which platform is best for your business.

Remember, the most important thing to remember when deciding on which ad type to choose is the price. Facebook is a great way to find and target your ideal consumers. While Google is a great way to spend your advertising budget.

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