You are currently viewing 5 Important Lessons for How to Sell Digital Products Online in 2024?

5 Important Lessons for How to Sell Digital Products Online in 2024?

Sell Digital Products

The digital product is the foundation of any business today. If you’re going to sell digital products, it’s important for you to understand what those products are and how to sell them efficiently. This blog will give you the knowledge you need to sell digital products and share some tips on how to get started.

First Lesson – Sell Digital Products

Welcome to the first lesson in Sell Digital Products Online. You will receive several lessons that will provide you with different options for selling digital products online. So that you can choose the right option for your business.

While digital products exist solely on computers. They can still sell for real money and selling digital products online can be extremely profitable. Many people build entire businesses that sell nothing but digitally downloadable products. They come in many forms including ebooks, images, software, music, and more digital products listed ahead.

One of the biggest advantages of selling digital products is that you don’t have manufacturing or distribution costs. There is very little overhead except for maybe online hosting and the cost of marketing it. The best part is that once you’ve created a digital product, you can sell it over and over again for virtually unlimited profits!

 Sell Digital Products

Where is the Place to Sell Your Digital Products?

In this first lesson, we are going to discuss two of the most popular digital marketplaces online, ClickBank and JVzoo.

These are both consider affiliate marketplaces which makes them perfect for selling your digital products online. Because not only people go to these sites to buy products. They also go to these sites to find products to promote on their websites. Which has the potential to expose your product to a much wider audience was very little extra effort on your part.

This massive site was developed in 1998 and is one of the most trusted and recognized affiliate marketplaces on the Internet. They constantly strive to improve the way people buy and sell digital products online. They work very hard to ensure that all of their vendors and affiliates maintain a certain level of professionalism. And behave ethically during all consumer transactions.

When you list a product with ClickBank to sell, they will check your sales page to ensure it complies with FTC rules and guidelines. So they can weed out any ethical marketers and eliminate “get rich quick” schemes. And efforts to ensure a high standard of customer service.

There is a listing fee for any merchant (you) that wishes to sell through their marketplace. There are also transaction fees and commission payments that you will be responsible for. On top of that, of course, there is your affiliate’s commission (you determine the percentage). But the better the commission the more likely it will promote. Currently, the maximum you can pay an affiliate is 75% of the sale price.

Sell Digital Products

Why You Need to Choose ClickBank & JVZoo?

One of the main reasons that vendors and affiliates prefer ClickBank is because they handle all of the transactions. The upside for the vendor is they don’t have to worry about writing out checks and sending out commissions. The upside for the affiliate is they don’t have to worry about getting paid because their commissions are guaranteed.

Another big benefit is that consumers feel safe purchasing from the ClickBank marketplace. Because it is on a secure server, they also require that all vendors provide a “no questions asked” 60-day money-back guarantee for customers.

JVzoo is still fairly new, but it has grown tremendously in popularity since it opened its doors in 2011. Unlike ClickBank, the seller is immediately paid into their PayPal accounts as soon as a transaction is complete. Currently, this platform only works with PayPal. If you can’t use PayPal you won’t be able to use JV Zoo.

JVzoo provides many built-in features that make Sell Digital Products fast and easy, including:

An instant affiliate program that makes it easy for you to instantly start recruiting affiliates to promote your products for you. It also allows you to offer your affiliates instant or delayed payments and manage refunds.

JV profit-sharing allows you to instantly pay up to 3 joint venture partners for each transaction. Making it possible to join forces with other business owners and not have to worry about splitting the profits.

Instant dime sale technology lets you set up offers that increase automatically at intervals that you set. Which creates urgency and encourages customers to act quickly!

Benefits of ClickBank & JVZoo-

They also provide instant page generators. Digital delivery and protection for your products, make it possible to host and sell digital products without a website. They can even deliver your products instantly for a seamless customer experience.

While JVzoo does not require a setup fee like ClickBank, and their fees are comparable. It is important to keep in mind that you will be paying fees to both JVzoo and PayPal when you use them to process orders.

When it comes to selling digital products online, every platform has its pros and cons. It’s important to do your research and understand exactly how the platform. You’re planning to use works as well as all of the fees and costs associated with using them.

That’s it for the first lesson. We have a lot to go over in the next lesson, so make sure you look for your next lesson. We will be discussing two more popular digital marketplaces that you can use to sell digital products online.

Second Lesson – Sell Digital Products

It’s time for your second lesson in Sell Digital Products Online. I hope you found lesson one informative and have had a chance to explore ClickBank and JVzoo to see if they are a good fit for your business. In the second lesson, we’re going to talk about two more popular platforms for selling digital Products, eJunkie, and Digiresults.

The first site we’re going to talk about is eJunkie. It’s a shopping cart for Digital Selling downloads as well as tangible goods with PayPal, Google Checkout, and Authorize.

eJunkie is a great place to sell digital products. Especially when you’re just starting because it has a very low startup cost. Which is a flat monthly subscription fee of $5 per month to last up to 10 products. As your product line grows the price does increase nominally. But it is still extremely affordable allowing you to list up to 100 products for under $20.

The beauty of eJunkie is that it has a built-in affiliate program. But unlike ClickBank, it is not a huge army of affiliates. This is due mainly to the affiliate program putting the product creator in charge of things like payment and refunds. Therefore, if you list your digital products on eJunkie, you may need to recruit your affiliates (or joint venture partners) yourself to get some sales coming in.

Benefits of eJunkie-

Besides the significantly lower fees for product creators. Another big benefit of eJunkie is that they pay you immediately. After each transaction directly into your PayPal account.

Like JVzoo you control how and when your affiliates are paid. If you don’t know an affiliate personally, you may decide to hang onto their commission. Until you are sure their customers won’t claim a refund. Otherwise, you may be out of pocket.

Another benefit of eJunkie is its advanced security on downloads. It’s not uncommon for people to share download links, thereby lowering the product value. eJunkie normally allows 5 downloads per purchase. And it has to be from the same IP address where the purchase was made. This gives product creators more assurance that their digital products aren’t being shared around the internet.

The benefits associated with using Digiresults to sell digital products online. Include lower fees, safer downloads, more control over your products, and instant payment with PayPal. They offer vendors lower fees than ClickBank, and you can integrate your sales campaign with Clickbank and PayDotCom.

Another big benefit is they can sell digital products as your business grows. You can also offer your customers your physical product all from one place.

It’s free to get started, they have no signup fees. Small transaction fees and offer vendors complete control over their products. They also handle all of the back-office transactions like paying affiliates and issuing refunds.

You get paid immediately after your customer has completed their transaction and commissions are sent directly to your affiliates. You don’t need a merchant account to start selling. They offer easy integration with, which gives you the ability to turn your digital product into a physical product. And then have it shipped directly to your customer.

Third Lesson – Sell Digital Products

With your third lesson in the Sell Digital Products Online. I hope you found lesson two informative and have had a chance to explore eJunkie and Digiresults. In the third lesson, we’re going to talk about two more popular platforms for Sell Digital Products, the Warrior Forum, and eBay.

This site is a large forum with well over 600,000 registered users. With an average of around 20,000 people inside the forum, browsing live at any given time. It’s free to join this forum. Once you become a member, you can post questions, and answers and share information with the other members on a variety of topics related to marketing online.

For digital product creators, the Warrior Forum can be a literal gold mine when used effectively. What makes the Warrior an excellent place to Sell Digital Products is a special section titled “Warrior Special Offers” as it’s commonly referred to in the WSO forum.

In this section, members are allows to post special offers for their products and services to the other members. Clever marketers also use this popular forum to build their email lists by giving things away for free.

While the forum is free to join. The cost to post a thread in the WSO section is $40. And once your thread is “live” anyone who visits the WSO area will see your thread in the directory and buy your product if they so choose.

How You Will Get Profit from WSO?

The only problem with running WSOs is that your offer doesn’t stay on the first page for long. Typically only for a day. However, after your “thread” gradually moves down the pages and goes beyond page three you are allows to “bump”. Your offer back up to the first page for another $40. Which works out well if your offer is turning a profit.

The more traffic you can send to your offer after you post it the better. The key to running a successful WSO creating your offer to attract as much attention as possible and using a headline that makes viewers want to click on your link.

It’s also a good idea to recruit affiliates to sell digital products. For this, two options are widely use by the warrior for members, the first one is Warrior Plus. They charge a small fee and integrate seamlessly with your WSO. The second one is using JVzoo as we discussed in lesson one. JVzoo also integrates nicely in the WSO section. By allowing you to set up a backup sales page and recruit affiliates for your special offers.

When it comes to selling on the Warrior Forum special offer board, there is a bit of a learning curve. But once you understand how the system works it is an excellent place to generate income very quickly.

Sell Digital Products on eBay is Profitable?

To Sell Digital Products on eBay is a little bit challenging and somewhat unconventional. However, it is still an extremely profitable platform that should not ignore. The main problem with selling digital products on eBay is that they only allow physical goods to sell. So you have to be creative when it comes to delivering your content. You can do this by shipping your customers a CD, DVD, print version, or thumb drive in the mail.

The main advantage of selling on eBay is that you can tap into its huge database of users and the massive amounts of traffic it receives every day. While you will incur extra expenses like printing and shipping when selling on eBay. The markup on digital products is relatively high so the profit potential is definitely there.

There is a way to avoid the extra printing and shipping costs and still sell on eBay. They provide digital publishers with the option of selling their products in the Everything Else section of the marketplace, under the Information Products category as long as they are listed in the classified ad format. This is a viable option however your product will not list in the marketplace. So you will have to work a little harder to get it noticed.

You also have the option of opening an eBay store. There are several storage options to choose from. Including a basic store, a featured store, or an anchor store. These stores are design for a high turnover of goods and do require a monthly fee. But when utilized properly they can be very profitable.

Sell Digital Products

Fourth Lesson – Sell Digital Products

It’s time for your fourth lesson, in Sell Digital Products Online. I hope you found lesson three informative and have had a chance to explore the Warrior Forum and eBay to see if they are good for your business.

We’re winding down to the end of this short course, but we still need to go over a few more options that are available for selling your own products online.

There is no doubt that Amazon is a huge, globally known marketplace. But what some people don’t realize is that it is a great place for digital product creators to sell digital products. Especially since they launched their digital bookstore known as the “Amazon Kindle Store”.

The Kindle Store is the largest online bookstore at the moment. And many people believe it accounts for the majority of all online ebook sales. While it’s hard to verify these figures because it’s against Amazon’s policy to publish actual sales statistics.

When you sell on Amazon, you aren’t strictly limited to the Kindle store. You can also create audiobooks and sell them on, their audio bookstore. If you create both an audio and Kindle book with the same title. They will combine the two into one sales page for purchasers to see as available in audio or Kindle format.

Advantages and Disadvantages of selling digital products on Amazon.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to selling digital products on Amazon. Some advantages are the amount of traffic Amazon now receives whereby people will see your digital products for sale. When they type in your keywords to the search box. But Amazon also ranks very well for Google SERP and you can promote an Amazon book (even your own) as an affiliate of Amazon.

You also have the option of becoming an Amazon affiliate. As an affiliate, you can promote other people’s product lists in the Amazon marketplace in exchange for a commission. Don’t get too excited though. The Amazon affiliate program doesn’t pay very large commissions on sales and you have to have a high turnover before you are paid. However, it is a good idea to go ahead and join to pick up any backend sales from promoting your products.

Yes, it is very possible for anyone with the desire to create and sell digital content to offer it on the iTunes marketplace. Including the App Store, the iBookstore, and the Mac App Store. All you need to get started selling on iTunes is a registered Apple ID, with a credit card for verification purposes.

What is the iTunes Marketplace?

As a digital publisher, you can take full advantage of the massive amounts of traffic that the iTunes store receives. Every day by publishing multiple types of content including:

  • Magazines
    Magazines are upload with APPS and customers can subscribe to the magazine. (as people can pre-pay for their subscription or it can be free (with ads inside for APP creator to profit). The Magazines are sold by Apple from their “Newsstand”.
  • Books
    You can sell your eBooks on the iBookstore via “iTunes Connect”. There is a “paid” book account and a “free” book account. And the free one is quick and easy to join. Whereas the “paid” one is more complicated requiring tax and bank details.

The iBookstore only accepts “ePub” files and “multi-touch” books. ePub files are easily create with the free online program Caliber. Whereby you can upload any format book and it will convert it to ePub for free. To create a multi-touch book, you will need to create your book with the Apple iBooks Author Program.

  • Podcasts
    You cannot sell a podcast on iTunes. However, it is free to upload your podcast to the iTunes directory.
  • Apps
    To sell APPS on Apple, you have to first apply to join the iOS Developer Program or Mac Developer Program. All APPS must be accepted by Apple, whereas APPS are all welcome on the Android database.

While it is a little bit more difficult to get started selling on iTunes. It can be an extremely profitable platform for the right type of digital content. It’s important to make sure that your product is a good fit for the marketplace you enter and to have an effective marketing strategy in place. Because simply listing your product doesn’t guarantee its success.

Digital Selling

Fifth Lesson – Sell Digital Products

Well, we have come to the final lesson in Sell Digital Products Online. I sure hope you have enjoy your lessons, and had a chance to check out the Amazon and Apple platforms. And have also been introducing to a variety of marketplaces. Where you can list and sell your digital products for big profits online.

In this last lesson, I have two more great platforms for selling digital content online to share with you, Udemy and MindBites.

Both of these sites are very popular. But they are a little bit different than the ones we have been discussing in your last few lessons. While they both still make it possible for online publishers to offer their digital content to consumers, it must present in a course-style format. Similar to this course, but in the video.

Udemy is still fairly new. But since its launch in 2010, it has gained a solid reputation for being one of the leading online training marketplaces for video training content. The majority of courses are present in a series of sequential video lessons that are require to complete the entire course.

Udemy is well known for its ease of creating and uploading video course content. You can upload videos, documents, and graphics as required to teach your course and they are all hosted by Udemy at no cost.

Customers come into Udemy and search for keywords of a course they want to learn. They then select a course from the course options. They pay the course fee, and then they can stream the course (or download the videos) any time from then on from their Udemy account.

The benefit of Udemy v/s Mindbites-

Their settings are save in their Udemy profile account. So they can come and go as much as they please. There is also a space for “chatting” with the teacher, who can answer questions posted by students. Which all other students can read too.

The benefit of Udemy over other video marketplaces like Mindbites is that it doesn’t cost anything to list your online video course. It is free to upload and host one of your video courses. However, if someone buys your course, then Udemy will keep the percentage of the sale price. If you drive that traffic to your course, you earn more money. Affiliates can also sell Udemy courses for a commission.

MindBites is also a digital training marketplace. Where you can upload video courses for consumers to buy and watch on the Mindbites website. You can also embed and sell them directly from your website or blog.

The main difference between Mindbites from Udemy is that you have to pay for your course online for people to buy and view (whereas Udemy is free to upload and host your courses). Mindbites has different size accounts depending on the size of your videos. The smaller your online course data, the cheaper. It is to host them on Mindbites.

The “free” account with Mindbites will hold up to 250MB of data and any sales made on your account pay Mindbites 35% in commission when a sale is made. However, there are larger accounts with more features, and less commission is payable to Mindbites for a higher-paid plan.


Of course, there are many more options available for how to sell digital products on,,,, and even digital products to sell on Etsy, just to name a few. The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best platform to offer your on-sell digital products is to take plenty of time to do your research.

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