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10 Best Tips for Using Video for Marketing Your Business

It’s really amazing the way that video is quickly turning into the #1 technique used to sell on the internet. No matter what product or service you offer. You should be involved in videos for marketing your business. That is because various clients respond better to video than they do to text. By utilizing both text and video, you’re reaching more audiences than you would with just text alone.

More than 4 million videos every day are seen on auto-play. More than half of YouTube channels contain comments from viewers. Also, around 70% of YouTube’s traffic is followed by IP addresses outside of the United States. There is also developing testing of videos online that contain relevant content for improving business practices or how-to about benefiting from a product or service.

Video for Marketing

Video for Marketing Tips and Tricks

1-Keep Them Short

Whether you’re putting videos on YouTube or you’re utilizing them to pre-sell products on your site or blog, keep them to approximately five minutes or so long. Particularly if your audience includes people who don’t have any experience with you. If you have the longest video, break it into multiple smaller videos as a component of a series regarding your subject.

2- Post Videos on your Business Pages and Home Page

You can utilize video sales letters to feature the main matters of your customary sales letter. Even you can also utilize videos to show what the product or service is and how simple to use. You can exhibit not just the highlights of your product or service, but more importantly, the advantages derived by using it.

A very strong tip is to get your satisfied clients to give you video testimonials. People need to realize that your product or service works. And a video from a satisfied client goes much further in offering validity than a written testimonial.

3- Choose your Keywords Carefully

If you’re loading your videos onto YouTube, choose keywords that your market is presently involving to find information in your niche or business. Utilizing keywords that people aren’t effectively using will not get you results in the search engines.

You may also choose keywords that match those being utilized close by other popular videos in your niche or business. You get the additional advantage of linking to the popularity and traffic from other similar videos regarding your subject.

Video for Marketing

More Tips for Your Business

4- Know your Purpose Before you Start

Before you film, choose one reason or subject for your video. Is it to get leads? Subscribers? Send traffic to your site or blog? Pre-sell a product? Does answer commonly asked questions? Whatever the explanation, base your whole video around that singular goal. Try not to confuse your viewers by giving them more than one choice.

5- Create a call to action

You should make somewhere around one call to action in your video. Where you tell people exactly what you need them should do and why (e.g., “Go to to get Part 2 of this video. but hurry, you can get it free for a limited time!”)

6- Encourage Comments

If you’re posting your video on YouTube, on your blog, or other social media, encourage comments (even questionable ones). The more people discuss your video, the more your visitors will get back to your page to see what’s going on in the discussion.

7- Use Other Social Media to Jump-Start the Viral Effect

One part of any video marketing effort should be to get your video to go viral on the internet, so you’ll have to advertise it. One method for doing that is to link to or install your video on your other social media site pages, similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Video for Marketing

Video for Marketing Your Business

8- Blog about your Video

One more method for advertising your video is to blog about it. If you install your video on your blog, encourage your visitors to bookmark it using,, or similar social bookmarking websites.

9- Ask your Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates to Share your Video with Customers

If you’re not presently using partners or affiliates to advertise your products or services, start it! You’re losing a ton of benefits. One more method for advertising your video utilizing partners and affiliates is by requesting them to mention it in their newsletters. On their blogs and to share it with their online social media contacts.

10- Put a Video on a CD/DVD and Offer it for Free

You can build an actual mailing list by putting your video on a CD or DVD and offering it for free to the people who give you a mailing address. Make sure to include an upsell at the end of your video or the very least, go to your site or blog page and sign up as a subscriber.


You can use videos to pre-sell products, show products, show your possibilities, drive traffic to your websites, and develop your mailing, leads, and client lists. Start applying these tips today; you’ll be amazed at what video for marketing can do for you.

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