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Free Rank Math Plugin for Optimization Is Really Best in 2024? Review

Rank Math Plugin is a website improvement plugin from WordPress that makes it simple for anybody to optimize their content. With work on recommendations based on broadly accepted best procedures. If you have a website and you like to rank your website on the Google search engine then you must do SEO. You can easily do that if you use the Rank Math Plugin.

How to Install Rank Math Plugin?

The simplest method to install Rank Math is through the WordPress store from inside your website. Start by drifting over the plugins option in the WordPress menu. And then click the “Add New” option. The Add Plugins page will open up and the most popular plugins from the store will be displayed on the screen. In the search bar type Rank Math and you will find Rank Math Plugin.

Click on the “Install Now” option and will start to install the plugin. After installation, you have to again click on the “Activate” option as it’s only installed. But not activate for real functionality. After activating the plugin, you have to do the setting for that. Click on the setting option and you will see the settings option appears. Click one by one option and set as per your requirements which you like to implement on your website.

When you write an article or a blog, then you must do the optimization for Google search. So your article will appear on Google search pages. When you click on Rank Math Plugin, it will show your article in the right-hand corner. You will see some more options below the right part of the article side. It will also show you the Focus Keyword with the sign of Rank Math Plugin.

You have to write on the Focus keyword on which your article is based. Below that you also will see more options related to your post optimizations. You must know how to use the plugin for SEO. Rank Math plugin for SEO depends on the main 4 options.
Rank Math Plugin

Basic Section of Plugin:

In this option, you will find 6 points which you have to make in green color. If you make that point green means you solve the issue with that point in SEO. You can check all points 1 by 1 and make all of them green. But you have to make sure also that your post has at least more than 600 words minimum and if more than 2000 words then it’s great to work from you.

In an additional section, there are 8 points that you have to cover. Which includes internal and external links you have to add to your post. Even if you have to focus on images that you download, have to mention the “Alt Text” option.

In this section, you have to cover 4 points that must be green and it depends on your post title. You have to write any number in your post title. You also have to mention any power words like Best, Better, and Good, etc.

For content readability, you have to cover 3 points which you have to make in green means you solved that option also. You also have to install other plugins for the table of contents. As you install the Rank Math Plugin, the same way you can install the table of contents plugin.

Rank Math Plugin

Features of Rank Math Plugin:

But what makes the Rank Math plugin so well known? Indeed, first of all, it’s free and supposedly. It’s the main free WordPress SEO plugin with such a wide scope of highlights. We have appraised WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math as Great (current version safe). This means that we have discovered weaknesses in older versions. We suggest that you just utilize the most recent version of the WordPress SEO plugin.

Rank Math has a feature where it can mark a bit of content as “Pillar Content”. This is normally utilized for the posts. Pillar content is an evergreen bit of content that is designed to respond to age-old inquiries. This will undoubtedly be a pose for quite a long time to come.

Rank Math Is Stuffed with Great Features

  • Simple to follow setup wizard
  • Clean & straightforward user interface
  • Google website admin focal combination
  • Keyword comparison & Google Trends tool
  • Google crawl errors
  • Logical assistance
  • Automated image SEO

Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math VS Yoast SEO

SEO plugins are extension modules for content administration frameworks, browsers, and programming arrangements. SEO plugin extent of the source software with exceptional assignments and functions. Which influence site improvement, web examination, online marketing, and other viewpoints.

The biggest difference is pricing, Rank Math is free. Yoast on the other hand has a premium model which means you need to pay to get to the entire of the plugins’ features. Rank Math permits you to enjoy all of those superior features for free. In any case, that may change later on. If they release a premium version Rank Math Pro.

Step by Step Instructions to Make a 100% SEO Score on Your Website

1- All pages ought to be working.
2- All pages must have Meta tags.
3- Pages ought to have headings and subheadings.
4- Reduce the size of image files.
5- Defer render-blocking resources.
6- Make the site load faster.
7- What plugin do you use to make the site load quicker?


Both plugins make it simple to alter website optimization settings on all posts. All in One SEO pack adopts a lean and clean strategy permitting users to include extra fields if they need to. Yoast, on the other hand, goes with the choices options approach and includes the features they accept as fundamental for all websites.

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