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What are the Best Useful Principles to Develop Mobile App in 2024?

How does an app attract new customers, gain loyalty, and deliver value? With great design for a delightful app experience. To attract new customers, a mobile app must be eye-catching, offer a unique experience, and give value. To develop a mobile app, it is important to remember the golden rule–design for delight. When developing mobile apps, must keep in mind they are in a crowded market and they must deliver something unique and valuable to their audience.

From big-scale businesses to small-scale businesses to novel new businesses, everybody has joined the rush to leave their presence on users’ minds for the long term. One of the simplest ways for simple reachability goes through the domain of mobile app development.

In the past few years, the ecosystem of mobile apps has seen a tremendous jump. The number of mobile users is also increasing consistently. Hence the simplest way for organizations to reach prospective clients goes through the way of the develop mobile app.

What do statistics say about mobile app use?

The number of mobile apps downloaded overall in 2017 was 178.1 bn. The number of apps available in the Google Play Store as of March 2017 was 2.8 million. Till March 2017, the number of apps available in Apple’s App Store was 2.2 million. These essentially huge numbers tell us about the importance of mobile apps right now.

Best Design Principles to Develop Mobile Apps

  • Keep Your UI Simple

Gone are the times of utilizing glittery and flashy backgrounds. Today, mobile app users prefer simple UI design through which they can achieve their tasks effectively and in fewer advances. A simple design helps you with passing your messages clearly to your clients.

  • Limited Major Actions on a Single Page

Users prefer the app where one doesn’t have to reconsider twice to perform any action. Hence, a designer should not complicate the app page by filling in various actions on a single screen. An app with easy functionality is likely to stay on user mobiles for a longer time frame.

  • Simple Navigation

Be it a single-platform app or a cross-platform mobile app, a simple navigational mobile app is an unquestionable necessity for all. Try to develop such a mobile app where users barely need to think to move across through your mobile app.

This is the way you can make your app navigational:

  • Add various types of essential menus on the screen.
  • Avoid utilizing a lot of scrolling, vertically or horizontally.
  • A mobile user also should not do a lot of zooming.

Make the Best Choice for Colors

A mobile app perfectly mixed with colors not only fascinates users but also leads to a higher conversion rate. Following are the tips to utilize the right color combination:

  • Try not to utilize too much brightness or contrast.
  • Utilize soothing colors that don’t hurt users’ eyes.
  • Utilize the color of buttons according to the functions they perform. For example, you can pick the green color for the button that says “Yes” or “Continue” and the red color which says “No” or “Exit”.
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App Suitable For Different Screen Resolutions and Sizes?

The number of mobile apps downloaded overall in 2018 has increased to 205.4 bn and it is estimated that the number will rise to 258.2 bn by 2022. There’s a constant increase in mobile app users and every user has a unique demand. Also, the organization needs to adapt to everyone.

Here comes the image, the main factor that plays an essential part in the success of any app, the various sizes of mobile apps.

A mobile app designer needs to design such apps that can be viable with various dimensions and sizes of different mobiles of various brands or a single brand. A designer should improve app screen size for as many screens as would be possible.

Test, Update, and Upgrade

Development and designing go hand in hand and both of these processes are consistent. When the design is finished, you are required to consistently test your designs. The more you test your app, the more you reach close to making your designs flawless.

You should also go for updates at regular intervals of time. It will give a novel, new thing to your users. Simply ensure you don’t update to the extent that it irritates them.

Change is the main consistency and so it also goes with the app designing process. With quickly developing technology, there is a lot of scope for developers to design new examples and update the mobile app design which will bring something new and novel to users.


The success of developing a mobile app or site relies heavily on how well it is able to convey what it offers to potential customers. There are so many apps out there that it’s easy to get lost in them all. With your app design, you can have a chance at success in a crowded market like this. Make your customers think they are going to love your app by making it a delight to use.

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